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Battery Reagents Now Available...

We are expanding our carboxylate products at BioFuran Materials to include the following battery reagents:

Lithium propionate, CAS 6531-45-9, lithium battery reagent; organolithium; lithium carboxylate; lithium passivator, etc. Available @

Nickel hydrogen phosphate, CAS 14332-34-4, electrocatalyst; Ni-based catalyst; nickel phosphate; transition metal hydrogen phosphate; NiHP, etc. Available @

Manganese hydrogen phosphate, CAS 51349-94-1, Manganese phosphating; phosphate coating; manganese phosphate coating; heavy crystalline finish; phosphatizing agent; water oxidation catalyst, etc. Available @

Lithium tetraborate, CAS 12007-60-2, dosimetry agent; borate buffer; ceramics additive; lithium ionic liquids; borate flux; borate salt; borate electrolyte; battery electrolyte; spectroscopic flux agent; grease additive; phosphor, etc. Available @

Barium borate, CAS 13701-59-2, latex/paint preservative; nonlinear crystalline solid; photo-optic agent; white pigment; flame retardant; mold inhibitor; corrosion inhibitor; barium borate, etc. Available @

Magnesium hydrogen phosphate, CAS 7782-75-4, plastics stabilizer; mono-hydrogen phosphate; fertilizer additive; precipitant; P additive; water extractant; drying agent; MgP salts; magnesium phosphate; magnesium phosphate cement, etc. Available @

Barium hydrogen phosphate, CAS 10048-98-3, flame retardant; phosphors; barium ceramics; alkaline earth phosphate, etc. Available @

Lithium oxalate, CAS 553-91-3, lithium battery electrolyte; reducing agent, etc. Available @

Zinc borate hydrate, CAS 12513-27-8, flame retardant; fireproof; ceramics flux; mildew inhibitor antimony trioxide substitute; smoke suppressant; afterglow suppressant; preservative; leach-resistant borate; anti-arcing agent; borate; metal borate; corrosion inhibitor, etc. Available @

For bulk quantities and other product questions, email

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