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Barium borate, CAS 13701-59-2

Barium borate, CAS 13701-59-2

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Appearance: white powder

CAS: 13701-59-2

Product ID: BOR26

Purity: 99%+

Formula: BaB2O4

MW: 222.95g/mol

MP > 400C

Solubility: water soluble

MDL:  MFCD00046182

SMILES: [Ba+2].[O-]B=O.[O-]B=O

HS Code: 284020

  • Synonyms

    BBO; barium boron oxide; barium diborate; barium diboron tetraoxide; boric acid, barium salt; BaOB2O3

  • Key words

    latex/paint preservative; nonlinear crystalline solid; photo-optic agent; white pigment; flame retardant; mold inhibitor; corrosion inhibitor; barium borate

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