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Lithium tetraborate, CAS 12007-60-2

Lithium tetraborate, CAS 12007-60-2

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Appearance: white powder

CAS: 12007-60-2

Product ID: BOR12

Purity: 99%+

Formula: Li2B4O7

MW: 169.12g /mol

MP > 400C

Solubility: water soluble

MDL:  MFCD00011083

SMILES: [Li+].[Li+].[O-]B1OB2OB([O-])OB(O1)O2

HS Code: 284020

  • Synonyms

    dilithium tetraborate; boron lithium oxide; lithium borate; boric acid, dilithium salt

  • Key words

    dosimetry agent; borate buffer; ceramics additive; lithium ionic liquids; borate flux; borate salt; borate electrolyte; battery electrolyte; spectroscopic flux agent; grease additive; phosphor

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