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Zinc ricinoleate

Zinc ricinoleate

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Zinc ricinoleate is a low-melting, organic zinc salt of castor oil-derived ricinoleic acid. It is known to offer outstanding malodor absorbing properties by binding and trapping bad smells. The zinc in zinc ricinoleate selectively binds nitrogen and sulfur moieties of malodor molecules. The binding is further reinforced by the foldable ricinoleate chains which encapsulate bound malodor species. Industrially, it is also known to have gelling, emulsifying, waterproofing, vinyl stabilizing properties and can be used in plastics, rubber, polyurethane foams, paint, master batches, greases, agriculture, etc. Other uses include:

  • Anticaking agent
  • Gelling agent
  • Odor extinguisher
  • Opacifier
  • Substitute for dimethicone, clay, baking powder, zinc oxide, chloride, or sulphates
  • Mold release agent
  • Water proofer
  • Tech Specs

    Beige paste or wax

    • Synonyms : Ricinoleic acid zinc (II) salt; zinc diricinoleate; cis-12-hydroxy-9-octadecenoic acid zinc (II) salt; zinc (II) cis-12-hydroxy-9-octadecenoate

    • Product ID : RICINO124

    • Purity : 98%+

    • CAS : 13040-19-2

    • Molecular formula : C36H66O6Zn

    • Molecular mass : 660.30g/mol

    • Solubility : soluble in organics, fats, and oils

    • MP : 68-76C

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