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Zinc acetate dihydrate

Zinc acetate dihydrate

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White crystalline powder made with food grade ingredients
•    Product ID : AC124
•    Purity : 99%
•    CAS : 5970-45-6
•    Molecular formula : C4H10ZnO6
•    Molecular mass : 219.51g/mol
•    MP: Decomposes at 235-239°C


Zinc acetate dihydrate Zn(CH3COO)2·2H2O, CAS 5970-45-6, MW = 219.50g/mol) is fine, white, crystalline solid that is soluble in water and common alcohols. Zinc acetate dihydrate is useful as 
1.    Precursor to a foliar fertilizer zinc ammonium acetate, an advanced substitute for poorly soluble zinc oxide fertilizers
2.    Zinc containing synthetic reagent
3.    Synthon for Zn-MOFs
4.    Industrial vinyl acetate production catalyst

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