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White, crystalline, hygroscopic powder
CAS : 6850-28-8
Purity : 99-100%
Product ID : TRISAC
Molecular formula : C6H15NO5
Molecular mass : 181.19g/mol
MP: 115-120C
Flash Point: 165 - 173C
Solubility: 80 - 100g/L at 20C 

Tris acetate is a white, crystalline, powder with a faint vinegar odor. Tris acetate, or tris(hydroxymethyl) aminomethane acetic acid salt, is a is highly soluble ammonium salt commonly used as a biological buffer ingredient biological, medical, and biochemical processes. One such process requiring pH control with tris acetate is the DNA extraction. DNA extraction is a pH-sensitive process which uses tris acetate buffer to keep the pH stable between pH 7 and 9. Tris-acetate is also used to prepare TAE buffer (tris-acetate-EDTA), which is used as a running buffer for DNA agarose gels.


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