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Thiamine hydrochloride, CAS 67-03-8

Thiamine hydrochloride, CAS 67-03-8

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Appearance: colorless to off-white powder

CAS: 67-03-8

Product ID: BVIT

Purity: 99%+

Formula: C12H18Cl2N4OS

MW: 337.27g/mol

MP: 248-252C

Solubility: water soluble

HS Code: 293622

MDL: MFCD00012780

SMILES: CC1=NC(N)=C(C[N+]2=CSC(CCO)=C2C)C=N1.Cl.[Cl-]

LD50 (rat, oral) > 3,000mg/kg

  • Synonyms

    Thiamine HCl; thiamine chloride hydrochloride

  • Keywords

    Thiamine; water-soluble vitamin; corrosion inhibitor; green inhibitor; biochemical reagent

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