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Strontium formate dihydrate

Strontium formate dihydrate

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White crystalline powder
•    Product ID : FO25
•    Purity : 99%
•    CAS : 6160-34-5
•    Molecular formula : C2H6SrO6
•    MW : 213.69g/mol
•    MP : 70-74C
•    Flash point : 27-33C

In general, formates are excellent precursors for production of ultra-pure catalysts, ceramics, and nanoparticles. Strontium formate dihydrate is a water-soluble crystalline solid that decomposes to strontium oxide on heating. Strontium formate dihydrate exhibits marked nonlinear optical (NLO) properties comparable to that of the best nonlinear materials used for efficient frequency doubling of a YAG:Nd laser and for the phase matched SHG for ruby laser. Strontium formate dihydrate can be doped with materials to modulate its NLO response. In medical fields, strontium formate may act as a topical antipruritic agent in reducing histamine mediated itch. In signaling devices, strontium formate can also be used for producing red fire in pyrotechnics such as railroad fuses, emergency flares, signal rockets and fireworks. Military pyrotechnic applications of strontium include ammunition, military cartridges, and marine hazard signals. Non-military pyrotechnic applications include warning devices and fireworks. The strontium content in military flares can be as high as 40wt% by weight. Today, pyrotechnics still accounts for 30% of the use of primary strontium compounds. Common uses can summarized as follows:
•    Supramolecular engineering reagent
•    NLO candidate material
•    Double salt reagent
•    Ceramics and specialty strontium oxide precursor
•    Pyrotechnic agent

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