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Sodium propionate

Sodium propionate

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White, granular powder
•    Product ID : 100PRO13
•    Purity : 99-100%
•    CAS : 137-40-6
•    Molecular formula : C3H5NaO2
•    Molecular mass : 96.07g/mol
•    Mp : 284 - 287°C
Sodium propionate (C2H5COONa) is a white, transparent, hygroscopic, crystalline, three-carbon organic salt with a faint characteristic odor. It is freely soluble in water (0.995g/mL) and slightly soluble in ethanol. Critical applications include,
a)    Antimicrobial preservative 
b)    Antifungal ingredient
c)    pH buffering agent 
d)    anti-mold and anti-rope agent
e)    Shelf-life enhancer 
f)    propionate impregnated protective wrappers

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