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Sodium oxalate

Sodium oxalate

SKU: 100OX13
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White crystalline powder
•    Product ID : OX13
•    Purity : 99-100%
•    CAS : 62-76-0 
•    Formula : C2Na2O4
•    MW : 134.0g/mol
•    MP : 245-260C
•    Solubility : 33-40g/L


Sodium oxalate is an odorless, white, stable, and crystalline powder. It is typically used as a reducing agent in most natural metabolic processes in plants and vegetables and is routinely used as a titrimetric standard for standardizing potassium permanganate and other strong oxidizing agents. Industrially, it is used in finishing textiles, tanning leather, complexing agent or precipitant in the processing of spent nuclear fuels, descaling agent for pipes and other equipment, iron (II) or (III) binder, purification agent for bauxitic ores, etc.

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