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Sodium glycolate, CAS 2836-32-0

Sodium glycolate, CAS 2836-32-0

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Sodium glycolate is an off-white hygroscopic powder that is commonly used in the formulation of moisturizers, gelling agents, humectant, cleansing products, exfoliants, buffers, etc. The glycolate moiety is considered an alpha hydroxy acid.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance:  off-white granular powder

    Product ID: GLYCO13

    CAS: 2836-32-0

    Purity: 98%+

    Formula: C2H3NaO3

    MW: 98.33g/mol


    Solubility: water soluble

    SMILES: [Na+].OCC([O-])=O

    MDL: MFCD00065358

  • Synonyms

    sodium hydroxyacetate; glycolic acid, monosodium salt; monosodium glycolate; hydroxyacetic acid, monosodium salt; sodium lycolate

  • Tags

    glycolate; 2-hydroxyacetate; metal glycolate; alpha-hydroxycarboxylate, metal alpha-hydroxycarboxylate

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