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Sodium diacetate

Sodium diacetate

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White, crystalline powder made with food-grade ingredients

Product ID: DIAC0113
CAS: 126-96-5
Purity: 99-100%
Formula: C4H7NaO4
MW: 142.09g/mol
MP: 323-329°C
pH: 4.5-5 (10wt% water solution)


Sodium diacetate is a 1:1 mixture of sodium acetate and acetic acid, is commonly used as a preservative and acidulant. Structurally, sodium diacetate has up to 41wt% acetic acid locked in its crystalline state, hence the name “dry acetic acid”. As a solid acid, sodium diacetate is effective as a fungicide, bactericide, anti-mold, and anti-rope. In agro-industry, it is routinely used to preserve the quality of feeds during storage.

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