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Sodium butyrate

Sodium butyrate

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White granular powder
•    Product ID : BU13
•    Purity : 98%+
•    CAS : 156-54-7
•    Molecular formula : C4H7NaO2
•    Solubility : water soluble (90-110g/L)
•    MP : 248-253C
•    Flash point : 68-71C

Sodium butyrate (NaOOCCH2CH2CH3) is a popular short chain  carboxylate (SCA, C4). Chemically, sodium butyrate exists as a colorless hygroscopic powder which is soluble in water, DMSO, ethanol, and methanol. It is formed from the neutralization of pungent and corrosive butyric acid. The neutralization eliminates bad smell of butyric acid and forms a neutral, easier to work with product. 
Important applications of sodium butyrate include:

  • cellulose butyrate esters precursor
  • detoxifier of ammonia
  • metabolite
  • preservative
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