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Sodium arginate, CAS 15690-14-9

Sodium arginate, CAS 15690-14-9

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Sodium arginate, also known as arginine, sodium salt, is an amino acid salt where sodium is bound at the carboxylate end of arginine. Arginine is found naturally in meat, almonds, peanuts, and dairy products and is an important amino acid that features a guanidine moiety appended to a standard amino acid framework. Arginine plays an important role in the nitrogen cycle because it has the highest ratio of nitrogen to carbon among the 21 amino acids. The guanidine moiety serves as a precursor for the biosynthesis of nitric oxide.

Sodium arginate is used as a corrosion inhibitor, feed additive, anti-scalant, protein solubilizer, protein stabilizer, precursor for nitric oxide, protein biosynthesis precursor, CO2 capture media. Also due to its basic nature in aqueous solutions, sodium arginate is used to increase the pH of cosmetic ingredients. In CO2 capture, sodium arginate provides key attributes such as low toxicity, low volatility, good thermal degradation, and less corrosive compared to mainstream aqueous monoethanolamine for CO2 absorption.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance: colorless solid

    Product ID: ARG13

    CAS: 15690-14-9

    Purity: 98%+

    Formula: C6H13N4NaO2

    MW: 196.18g/mol

    MP > 300C

    Solubility: water soluble

    HS Code: 292529

    SMILES: C(CC(C(=O)[O-])N)CN=C(N)N.[Na+]

  • Synonyms

    Sodium (S)-2-amino-5-guanidino-pentanoate; L-arginine, sodium salt

  • Tags

    arginine salt; amino acid salt; amino acid chelate; arginato salt; arginine salt; antiscalant; corrosion inhibitor; basic amino acid

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