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Sodium anisate

Sodium anisate

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Free flowing white powder
CAS: 536-45-8
Purity: 99-100%
Product ID: ANIS13
Molecular formula: C8H7NaO3
MW: 174.13g/mol
Solubility: 135-140g/L
Flash point: 110-120C


Sodium anisate is a salt of sodium and p-anisic (4-methoxy benzoic) acid. p-Anisic acid is an antiseptic, antioxidant, white crystalline solid found naturally in anise. It is commonly used in cosmetic products as an antimicrobial preservative. However, p-anisic acid is insoluble in water but dissolve in some alcohols, ethers, and/or esters; which makes it challenging to efficiently integrate into many water- or emulsion-based formulations. Interestingly, sodium anisate, a sodium salt of anisic acid, is easily dissolved in water (13-145g/L) which makes it easy to integrate in formulations. Additionally, sodium anisate can be paired with sodium levulinate, potassium sorbate, or other ingredients. A popular sodium anisate combo is Evonik's Dermorganics 1388 which pairs sodium anisate with sodium levulinate in creating an effective germ-fighting formula. 
Established uses of sodium anisate include:
•    Antimicrobial ingredient
•    Odor masking agent
•    Culture media ingredient
•    Synthetic reagent and intermediate

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