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Sodium acetylacetonate, CAS 15435-71-9

Sodium acetylacetonate, CAS 15435-71-9

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Sodium acetylacetonate is a β-diketone salt of sodium with the molecular formula; Na[CH3COCHC(CH3)O]. Acetylacetonate exists as an equilibrium mixture of tautomeric keto and enol forms. It acts as a bidentate ligand towards metal ions where the metal is bound to the two oxygen atoms, thus forming a 6-membered ring. Metal acetonates are characterized by thermal stability, volatility, and solubility in organic solvents. Such properties of opens possibilities for many uses, including as catalyst, cross-linking agent, resin hardening accelerant, resin, and rubber additive, chemical activator, mild reducing agent, synthetic building block, coordination chemistry ligand, heat stabilizer for halogenated polymers such as PVC, etc.  In addition, sodium acetylacetonate also serves as a reliable precursor for the preparation of mixed metal oxide nanoparticles as well as sol-gel synthesis of mixed metal oxide powders and thin films.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance: off-white powder

    Product ID: AC13AC

    Purity: 99%+

    CAS: 15435-71-9

    Formula: C5H7NaO2

    MW: 122.09g/mol

    MP: 203-210C, dec.

    Solubility: water soluble

    SMILES: CC(=CC(=O)C)[O-].O.[Na+]

    MDL: MFCD09752605

    HS Code: 291419

  • Synonyms

    Sodium 2,4-pentanedionate; sodium acetylacetonate; sodium; pentane-2,4-dione; sodium 2,4-pentanedionate hydrate

  • Tags

    beta-diketonate; acetylacetonate; acac; metal acetylacetonate; chelate; bidentate; pentanedionate; pentane-2,4-dione

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