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Sodium acetoacetate, CAS 623-58-5

Sodium acetoacetate, CAS 623-58-5

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Sodium acetoacetate (CH3COCH2CO2Na) is a versatile keto-acid salt of sodium produced by the body as an energy metabolite during fasting or diabetes episodes. Acetoacetate is a signaling moiety measured in the urine of people suffering from diabetes and/or in dairy cows to test for ketoacidosis and for monitoring individuals on low-carb diets. In synthetic chemistry, sodium acetoacetate can undergo several chemical reactions, including hydrolysis, decarboxylation, and condensation reactions, which expand its potential applications. Other applications of sodium acetoacetate include: biofilm inhibition, antioxidation, dyes precursor, precursor for dihydropyrimidinones, precursor for beta-hydroxybutyrate, etc.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance: colorless to off-white powder

    Product ID: ACAC13

    CAS: 623-58-5

    Purity: 98%+

    Formula: C4H5NaO3

    MW: 124.07g/mol

    MP: 239-244C

    Solubility: water soluble

    HS Code: 291830

    MDL: MFCD00058302

    SMILES: CC(CC(O[Na])=O)=O

  • Synonyms

    acetoacetic acid, sodium salt; butanoic acid, 3-oxo, sodium salt (1:1); sodium 3-oxobutanoate

  • Tags

    Acetoacetic acid sodium salt; 3-ketobutyrate; acetoacetate; oxobutyrate

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