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Sodium 3-hydroxybutyrate, CAS 150-83-4

Sodium 3-hydroxybutyrate, CAS 150-83-4

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Sodium 3-hydroxybutyrate is an is an energy-dense, chiral, bio-derived C4 carboxylate used as a ketosis signaling molecule in proteomics studies. Structurally, sodium 3-hydroxybutyrate contains a butyrate core with a single hydroxyl substituent in position 3. The 3-Hydroxybutyrate moiety, also known as beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB), and ketone body, is a natural metabolite formed during fatty acid digestion during periods of prolonged exercise, starvation, or absence of dietary carbohydrates. As a chiral molecule, it is also used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as a building block for the synthesis of important chiral compounds.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance: colorless powder

    CAS: 150-83-4

    Product ID: HOBU13

    Purity: 99%+

    Formula: C4H8NaO3

    MW: 127.09g/mol

    MP: 167-170 °C

    Solubility: water soluble

    HS Code: 291819

    MDL: MFCD00016716

    SMILES: [Na].O=C(O)CC(O)C

  • Synonyms

    Sodium dl-β-hydroxybutyrate, sodium β-hydroxybutyrate; β-hydroxybutyric acid sodium salt; DL-β-hydroxybutyric acid sodium salt; butanoic acid, 3-hydroxy-, monosodium salt; sodium β-hydroxybutyrate

  • Tags

    Sodium BHB; β-hydroxybutyrate; butyrate; β-hydroxybutyrate salt; BHB; lipid metabolite; proteomic reagent; butyrate additive; feed additive

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