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Propyl propionate

Propyl propionate

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Propyl propionate is a colorless carboxylate ester with a fruity odor synonymous with pineapple or pear scent. Industrially, it is an outstanding solvent used in coatings, pharmaceuticals, paint, cosmetics, personal care, and printing inks. Propyl propionate has a reported vapor pressure of 1.7 hPa (0.17kPa) at 20°C, which implies an evaporation rate that is slightly faster than xylene. Hence propyl propionate serves as safer substitute for xylene, an aromatic compound. In addition, propyl propionate is readily biodegradable making it a benign product that is not environmentally persistent. As a specialty solvent, propyl propionate is widely used as a solvent carrier in adhesives, solvent for acrylic resins, surface cleaning solvent, wetting agent, and perfumery additive in perfumes and fragrances. 

  • Tech Specs

    Clear colorless liquid

    • CAS: 106-36-5
    • Product ID: PROPRO
    • Purity: 98%+
    • Formula: C6H12O2
    • MW: 116.16g/mol
    • BP: 122-124C
    • Flash point: 18-21C
    • Density: 0.84-0.92g/mL
  • Synonyms

    propionic acid propyl ester; propyl propanoate; n-propyl n-propanoate

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