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Potassium laurate

Potassium laurate

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Potassium laurate is a colorless, granular carboxylate soap of lauric acid and potassium with known cleansing, dispersant, surfactant, and emulsifying properties. Lauric acid is 12-carbon carboxylate categorized as a medium chain fatty acid which is commonly isolated from coconut, babassu, palm kernel, olive, castor, or cottonseed oil. The excellent emulsifying efficiency of potassium laurate makes a sought-after ingredient in several everyday uses such as:

·       A dust suppression agent

·       Preservative

·       A binder

·       An anticaking agent

·       A foaming agent

·       Corrosion inhibitor

·       Deinking agent

  • Tech Specs

    Colorless granular powder

    • Synonyms : Potassium dodecanoate; lauric acid, potassium salt; K laurate

    • Product ID : LAU14

    • Purity : 98%+

    • CAS : 10124-65-9

    • Molecular formula : C12H23KO2

    • Molecular mass : 238.41g/mol

    • Solubility : soluble in water, alcohols, organics, fats, and oils

    • MP : 40-60C

    • Flash Point : 130C

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