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Potassium cocoate, base soap

Potassium cocoate, base soap

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Potassium cocoate is a liquid potassium salt of triglyceride fatty acids in coconut oil; a vegetable oil that belongs to unique group of vegetable oils called lauric oils. This product is a biodegradable anionic surfactant with no preservatives and the natural glycerin produced during saponification of coconut oil is retained. This makes potassium cocoate a key ingredient that organic-focused product developers can use as a viable substitute for sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.

Potassium cocoate is used as a soap base in cosmetic formulations including the manufacture of soft liquid soaps that loosen and remove dirt from all water-safe surfaces. Cosmetologists can develop customized cleaning products by incorporating glycerin, extracts, fragrance, and oils. It is also used in agrochemicals such as in the preparation of insecticides. Other applications include natural detergent ingredient, thickener, emulsifier, surfactant, preservative, cleanser, degreaser, deinking, or foaming substance.

CAS: 61789-30-8

Appearance: colorless to yellowish free flowing liquid

Odor: characteristic

pH (10wt% solution): 9-11

Density: 1-1.1g/ml

Purity: 35-41% solids

Viscosity: 40 - 70 cps

Ingredients: water, potassium cocoate, and glycerol

Synonyms: potassium coco soap; coconut oil, potassium salts; coconut fatty acid potassium soap

Storage: Potassium cocoate should be kept in an airtight container otherwise water will evaporate leaving a solid layer on the surface.