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Nickel (II) formate dihydrate

Nickel (II) formate dihydrate

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Pale green crystalline powder
•    Product ID : FO104
•    Purity : 99-100%
•    CAS : 15694-70-9
•    Molecular formula : C2H6NiO6
•    Molecular mass : 184.76g/mol
•    MP: 130-140°C
Nickel formate dihydrate (Ni(HCOO)2·2H2O) is pale green crystalline solid. Short chain nickel carboxylic acid salts such as nickel formate dihydrate are routinely used in battery cathode manufacturing, electroplating, and hydrogenation of fats and for pigmentation.
Exemplary uses cases include,
1.    Preparation of Ni catalysts for organic reactions, especially fatty acid hydrogenation catalysts
2.    Catalyzing the growth of carbon nanotubes
3.    Key ingredients in nickel electroplating baths
4.    Colorants for glass, ceramics, paints, and dyes
5.    Simple organo-reagent for nickel coordination complexes.
6.    Mordant in the textiles industry
7.    Nickel oxide precursor
8.    On-demand, low-temp source for finely divided, high activity Ni catalysts
9.    Precursor for Nickel-coated Lithium cathode

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