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n-Amyl butyrate

n-Amyl butyrate

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n-Amyl butyrate is a carboxylate ester with a smell reminiscent of pear, banana, apple, or apricot. It is also known as pentyl butyrate, pentyl butanoate or amyl butyrate. It is a clear and colorless liquid that is insoluble in water but miscible with ethanol or propylene glycol. It is commonly used as a specialty solvent and/or plasticizer in paint, inks, and coatings.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance: colorless liquid

    Product ID: AMBU

    CAS: 540-18-1

    Formula: C9H18O2

    Purity: 98%+

    MW: 158.24 g/mol

    Odor: fruity or floral

    BP: 204-206°C

    Flash point: 66-70C

    Density: 0.86-0.88g/ml

    Solubility: soluble in alcohol


    MDL: MFCD00048850


  • Synonyms

    pentyl butanoate, amyl butyrate; butyric acid amyl ester; n-pentyl butyrate; butanoic acid pentyl ester

  • Tags

    alkyl butyrate; short aliphatic ester; butyrate; carboxylate ester, short chain carboxylate ester

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