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Magnesium PCA,CAS 5819-47-6

Magnesium PCA,CAS 5819-47-6

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Appearance: colorless powder

CAS: 5819-47-6

Product ID: PCA23

Purity: 98%+

Formula: C10H12MgN2O6

MW: 280.52g/mol

MP > 300C

Solubility: water soluble

HS Code: 293379


LD50 (rat, oral) > 2,000mg/kg

  • Synonyms

    magnesium pyrrolidone carboxylate; pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid, magnesium salt; proline, 5-oxo, magnesium salt; magnesium 2-oxopyrrolidine-5-carboxylate

  • Keywords

    magnesium salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid; glutamic acid derivative; humectant; hydrating agent; amino acid; cosmetic ingredient; stabilizer; moisturizer; dispersant; pyroglutamate

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