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Lithium phosphate

Lithium phosphate

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Lithium phosphate (Li3PO4) is a promising solid lithium-ion battery electrolyte material because of its high ionic conductivity, strong glass-forming capability, and is much safer than the liquid LiPF6 electrolyte which is a flammable. In heterogeneous catalysis, Li3PO4 is known to promote the isomerization of epoxides.

  • Tech Specs

    • Apprearance: colorless granular powder
    • CAS: 10377-52-7
    • Formula: Li3PO4
    • MW: 115.79g/mol
    • Melting point ≥ 1100°C
    • Purity: 99%+
    • Solubility: Poor solubility in water. Insoluble in alcohols.
  • Synonyms

    Lithiophosphate; lithium orthophosphate; trilithium monophosphate; trilithium orthophosphate; lithium o-phosphate; phosphoric acid, trilithium salt

  • Tags

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