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Lithium acetylacetonate, CAS 18115-70-3

Lithium acetylacetonate, CAS 18115-70-3

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Lithium acetylacetonate is a β-diketone salt of lithium and acetylacetone. Acetylacetonate is a bidentate ligand towards lithium ions where the lithium is bound to the two oxygen atoms, thus forming a 6-membered ring. Lithium acetylacetonate is primarily used in the preparation of Lithium-ion battery cathodes such as LiMn2O4. Other important applications include its use as a catalyst and co-catalyst in many chemical reactions such as oligomerization, production of coatings, synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, polymerization, isomerization, hydrogenation, and coupling. It may also be used in rubber technology for vulcanization, for extraction and separation of metals, as NMR shift reagents, in microelectronic devices, for synthesis of high quality semiconductor materials for optoelectronic devices, for separation of enantiomers, as a source of metal or metal oxides for controlled deposition, as fungicides, as color stabilizers in in pigments / dyes, as carbon scavengers for diesel fuels, as combustion control for rocket fuels, and in laser technologies.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance: white hygroscopic powder

    CAS: 18115-70-3

    Product ID: AC12AC

    Purity: 99%+

    Formula: C5H7LiO2

    MW: 106.05g/mol

    MP: 250C, dec.

    Solubility: water soluble

    MDL: MFCD00013496

    HS Code: 291419

    SMILES: [Li+].CC(=CC(=O)C)[O-]

  • Synonyms

    Lithium 2,4-pentanedionate; acetylacetone, lithium salt

  • Tags

    water-soluble diketone; metalorganic precursor; lithium garnet precursor

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