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Isopropyl jojobate, CAS 181314-46-5

Isopropyl jojobate, CAS 181314-46-5

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Appearance: yellowish oil

Odor: odorless

CAS: 181314-46-5

Product ID: JOISP

BP > 200C

FP > 100C

Density: 0.87-0.93g/mL

Solubility: alcohol soluble

HS Code: 151590

  • Synonyms

    isopropyl ester of jojoba oil

  • Keywords

    jojoba fatty acids ester; unsaponified wax esters; cosmetic ingredient; wetting agent; emollient; lubricant; slip agent; emulsifier; vegetable wax; fragrance oil carrier; liquid wax ester; dispersant; oleochemical; lustering agent

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