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Imidazolium formate

Imidazolium formate

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Yellow viscous liquid
•    Product ID : IMFO
•    CAS : 143314-17-4
•    Molecular formula : C4H6N2O2
•    Molecular mass : 114.10g/mol


Imidazolium-type ionic liquids such as imidazolium formate are important biorefinery materials that affords low cost, reduced viscosity, minimal toxicity, biodegradability, and recyclability. Additionally, the heterocyclic imidazole ring contributes some aromatic character while the ammonium salt adds to its excellent aqueous solubility, which a key advantage in dissolving complex biomolecules even hard-to-dissolve drugs, carbohydrates, and proteins. Other critical uses are in battery applications in situations where substitutes for water or volatile organic solvents are required.

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