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Geranyl acetate

Geranyl acetate

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Product ID: GERANAC00030 
CAS: 105-87-3 
Formula: C12H20O2 
MW: 192.29g/mol 
Density: 0.90-0.96g/ml 
BP: 136-140C

Geranyl acetate is an ester derivative of geraniol, a principal constituent of rose, palmarosa, geranium, and citronella oils. Unlike geraniol whose scent is prone to fade overtime due to oxidation, requiring expensive microencapsulation techniques for preservation of scent, geranyl acetate is less affected by oxidation. Its irresistible rose aroma makes it an obvious fragrance of choice in detergents, soaps, household cleaners, candles, diffusers, aerosols, gels, sprays, vanishes, polishes, and perfumes. 

Our geranyl acetate comes in pure (undiluted) hence each drop goes a long way. It is soluble in alcohols, fats, and oils, which allows soapers, perfumers, cosmetologists, and other technologists to formulate easily. Other uses of geranyl acetate include:

  • attractant for bees
  • repellant for mosquito, gnats, mites, fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, etc
  • antimicrobial preservative
  • fuel additive with energy density comparable to diesel


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