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DMAE p-anisate

DMAE p-anisate

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DMAE anisate is a yellowish viscous liquid. made from N,N-Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) and p-anisic acid. p-Anisic acid is an antiseptic, white crystalline solid found naturally in anise. It is commonly used in cosmetic, hair care, sunscreen, and anti-aging products as an antimicrobial preservative. However, p-anisic acid is insoluble in water but dissolve in some alcohols, ethers, and/or esters; which makes it challenging to efficiently integrate into many water- or emulsion-based formulations. The DMAE p-anisate salt complements the improved solubility witnessed with sodium anisate as it is easily dissolved in water (solubility: 0.7-1.3g/ml). More importantly, unlike sodium anisate, DMAE p-anisate is soluble in wide of solvents; water- or solvent-based.


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  • Product Information

    • Product ID : DMEANIS
    • Molecular formula : C12H14NO4
    • Molecular mass : 241.29g/mol
    • Density : 1.0-1.3g/ml
    • pH : 6-8
    • Solubility : 0.7-1.3g/mL water
  • SDS

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