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DMAE Levulinate

DMAE Levulinate

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N,N-Dimethylethanolammonium levulinate (DMAE levulinate) is a yellowish viscous liquid made from DMAE and levulinic acid. Levulinic acid is an organic keto acid responsibly derived from underutilized cellulosic materials.  Levulinic acid find uses in cosmetics as a preservative. Combining levulinic acid with DMAE affords a stable, odorless, levulinic acid / DMAE carrier molecule.
Possible uses include:
•    Biochemical / analytical reagent
•    Phase transfer catalyst
•    Antimicrobial preservative


For R/D uses only

  • Product Information

    • Product ID : DMEALE
    • Molecular formula : C9H19NO4
    • Molecular mass : 205.26g/mol
    • Density : 1.0-1.3g/ml
    • pH : 6-8
    • Solubility: 0.9-1.3kg/L
  • SDS

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