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Diethyl sebacate

Diethyl sebacate

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Diethyl sebacate is a biodegradable dicarboxylate ester with varied applications in lubricants, wetting agents, emmolients, emulsifiers, detergents, surfactants, metalworking fluids, UV stabilizers, colorants, plasticizers, and specialty solvents. Diethyl sebacate binds well on the metal surfaces. In addition, it has good thermo-oxidative stability as compared to vegetable oils. In other applications, diethyl sebacate is used in the manufacturing of alkyd and polyester resins, polyamide synthetic fibers.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance: colorless to yellowish liquid

    Product ID: ETSEBAC

    CAS: 110-40-7

    Formula: C14H26O4

    MW: 258.35g/mol

    Purity: >98%

    BP: 310-316C

    FP: 110-115C

    Density: 0.93-0.98g/mL

    HS Code: 293499


  • Synonyms

    sebacic acid ethyl ester, sebacic acid diethyl ester; diethyl decanedioate; decanedioic acid, diethyl ester, ethyl sebacate

  • Tags

    dicarboxylic esters; sebacic acid esters; sebacic dialkyl esters; diesters of sebacic acid; sebacid acid esters; ester-based synthetic lubricants; biolubricants

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