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Copper formate tetrahydrate

Copper formate tetrahydrate

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Copper formate tetrahydrate [Cu(HCOO)2·4H2O], is a blue crystalline powder which is soluble in water. The formate ligand acts as organo-substitute for chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, fluorides, bromides, or nitrates. Cu(HCOO)2·4H2O has numerous uses both as a synthetic reagent in copper chemistry or as a copper source in many other applications. The Cu(HCOO)2·4H2O uses include, but are not limited to,

  • preserving pulp wood and ground pulp
  • mildew preventive,
  • preservative for cellulose materials
  • fungicidal agent,
  • preserving hides in leather tanning,
  • insecticidal agent
  • herbicidal agent
  • rot proofer for cotton fabric
  • manufacture of rayon,
  • catalyst for organic reactions,
  • reagent for copper coordination complexes
  • stabilizer for polyurethanes and nylons,
  • fabrication battery electrodes,
  • pigment for ceramics,
  • corrosion inhibitor, anticorrosion additive in lubricating oils
  • electroplating bath ingredient
  • antifouling additive in marine paints
  • textile dye ingredient in treating and staining paper
  • pollution control catalyst,
  • copper-containing transparent conducting ceramics precursor for solar harvesting
  • SDS

  • Product Information

    Blue crystalline powder
    •    Product ID : FO114
    •    Purity : 99-100%
    •    CAS : 5893-61-8
    •    Molecular formula : C2H10CuO8
    •    Molecular mass : 225.64g/mol
    •    Mp : decompose at 130-132°C

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