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Copper benzoate

Copper benzoate

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Copper (II) benzoate is used in pyrotechnics to create a blue flame. Using benzoates in fireworks provides cost effective alternatives to existing chemicals used in fireworks (D. Bleser, “New Electric Purple,” American Fireworks News, No. 89, 1989). Unlike cheaper coloring agents such as copper (II) carbonate, which consume significant amount of fuels to release copper, copper (II) benzoate is a hybrid coloring agent where the benzoate fuel is directly linked to the copper. This structural design allows users to use less fuels, hence offsetting the overall cost. Other applications include:
•    complex complexes building block
•    copper catalysts
•    molecular magnets
•    fireworks blue coloring agent

  • Product Information

    Sky blue powder
    •    Product ID : 100BZO114
    •    Purity : 98%+
    •    CAS : 533-01-7
    •    Molecular formula : C14H10CuO4
    •    MW : 305.77g/mol
    •    Flash point : 105-115C
    •    Solubility : 14-15g/L

  • SDS

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