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Copper acetate hydrate

Copper acetate hydrate

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Bluish-green crystalline powder
•    Product ID : AC114
•    Purity : 98%+
•    CAS : 6046-93-1
•    Molecular formula : C4H8CuO5
•    Molecular mass : 199.65g/mol
•    Mp : decompose at 110-120°C
•    Solubility : 70-74g/L


Copper (II) acetate hydrate is greenish-blue crystalline powder with a faint vinegar smell. It can used as a fungicide, catalyst for organic reactions, ceramics precursor, pigment for ceramics, insecticide, mildew preventive, preservative for cellulose materials, stabilizer for polyurethanes and nylons, corrosion inhibitor, textile dyeing, anti-fouling paints, electrolysis and electroplating processes, flame proofing, printing and photocopying, pyrotechnics, and fuel additive. Marines, fisherman, aquarists, and hydrologists once used copper acetate used as a shark repellant (Richard L. Tuve, Shark Repellant,, US2458540A).

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