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Cobalt formate dihydrate

Cobalt formate dihydrate

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Cobalt (II) formate dihydrate (Co(HCOO)2·2H2O) is a water-soluble reddish crystalline solid. Cobalt (II) formate dihydrate has several uses ranging from agricultural, high tech, catalysis, coordination chemistry, etc. Simple cobalt carboxylates (such as Co(HCOO)2·2H2O), are good oxidation catalysts. They can be used in paints, varnishes, and inks as drying agents through the activation of oxidizable groups. Cobalt carboxylates can also be to improve the rubber-to-steel adhesion tire fabrication. Exemplary uses cases include,
•    Catalysts for more cleaner fuels processing
•    Cathode material precursor for rechargeable lithium batteries
•    Magnetic component precursor in devices
•    Alternative paint dryer
•    Pigment material in glass, porcelain, ceramics, paints, inks and enamelware
•    Rubber adhesion promoter
•    Anti-corrosion component in alloys
•    Active component in smart materials and devices
•    Precursor for long-chain cobalt-based paint dryers
•    Animal feed supplement 
•    Micronutrient cobalt fertilizer where cobalt plays a key role in nitrogen fixation
•    Precursor for technologically useful formato-cobalt complexes

  • Product Information

    Pink crystalline powder
    •    Product ID : FO94
    •    Purity : 99-100%
    •    CAS : 6424-20-0
    •    Molecular formula : C2H6CoO6
    •    Molecular mass : 187.01g/mol
    •    MP: 138-142°C

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