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Chromium picolinate, CAS 14639-25-9

Chromium picolinate, CAS 14639-25-9

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Appearance: reddish pink powder

CAS: 14639-25-9

Product ID: PIC64

Purity: 98%+

Formula: C18H12N3CrO6

MW: 418.33g/mol

MP > 300C

Solubility: water insoluble

HS Code: 293339

MDL: MFCD00068715

SMILES: O=C(O[Cr](OC(=O)c1ncccc1)OC(=O)c1ncccc1)c1ncccc1

  • Synonyms

    Chromium (III) picolinate; chromium (III) pyridine-2-carboxylate; 2- pyridinecarboxylic acid chromium(III) salt; chromium tripicolinate; picolinic acid, chromium(III) salt; Chromium tris(picolinate)

  • Keywords

    organic chromium; feed additive; trivalent chromium; [Cr(pic)3]

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