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Carvacryl acetate

Carvacryl acetate

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Carvacryl acetate is an ester of acetic acid and carvacrol. Carvacrol is principal, pungent, phenolic ingredient of Oregano essential oil and is also found in Thyme essential oil. Carvacrol is responsible for antimicrobial, antioxidant, germicidal, antiseptic, and other therapeutic potency of Oregano essential oil. However, as a phenolic compound, carvacrol is acidic and reactive which significantly impacts the quality, shelf life, and safety of Oregano essential oil. Carvacryl acetate, an ester derivative of carvacrol is neutral, more stable, pleasant smelling, and potentially safer compound. Possible applications of carvacryl acetate include:

  • preservative
  • biofilm inhibitor
  • feed storage additive
  • disinfectant
  • fragrance ingredient for soaps, perfumes, detergents, vanishes
  • Product Information

    Yellowish oil

    • Product ID: CARVAC
    • Purity: 98%+
    • CAS: 6380-28-5
    • Formula: C12H16O2
    • MW: 192.26g/mol
    • Density: 0.97-1.1g/ml
    • BP: 243-247C
    • Flash point: 92-96C
  • SDS

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