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Calcium lactate pentahydrate

Calcium lactate pentahydrate

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Calcium lactate is a carboxylate salt of lactic acid and calcium.There are many calcium compounds on the market today. However, many of them contain calcium carbonate, sulfate, nitrate, phosphate, oxalate, citrate, and/or chloride, some of which are either acidic in solution or are hard to work with. Calcium lactate pentahydrate is a viable organic alternative to calcium chloride or carbonate. It is considered a non-toxic, odorless, non-hazardous, and user-friendly salt of calcium and lactic acid. Lactic acid is a versatile alpha-hydroxy acid with a carboxylate and hydroxyl groups while calcium ions are important to human health, especially bone health [Orchard T. S., Am. J. Clin. Nutri., 2014, 99(4), 926-933]. The versatile chemical composition is utilized in textile, cosmetic, and agricultural applications. Exemplary uses include:
•    shelf-life preservation
•    tissue-reinforcement in various processed agricultural products.
•    texturing agent 
•    antimicrobial preservative

  • Product Information

    Off-white powder
    •    Product ID : 100LAC24
    •    Purity : 99-100%
    •    CAS : 5743-47-5
    •    Molecular formula : C6H20CaO11
    •    MW : 308.29g/mol
    •    MP : 238-242C
    •    Solubility : 9-20g/100mL
    •    pH : 6-8.5 (10wt% aqueous solution)

  • SDS

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