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Calcium acetate monohydrate

Calcium acetate monohydrate

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Calcium acetate is is a calcium salt of food-grade acetic acid. It the most commonly used phosphate binder in the United States because it is considered safe by the FDA. Furthermore, it is used in the manufacturing of printing inks, lubricants, soaps, resins, carbon black and other critical materials across industries. Calcium acetate is also used as a blowing agent by PVC foam manufacturers. Other notable uses include:
•    Transesterification catalyst
•    Phosphate binder
•    precursor for the production of CaO
•    sequestrant, thickener, 
•    gelling agent for alcohol-based heating fuel
•    texturizer, thickening and firming agent
•    acidity regulator
•    precursor for prized Burow's solution

  • Product Information

    White crystalline powder
    •    Product ID : 100AC24
    •    Purity : 99-100%
    •    CAS : 62-54-4
    •    Molecular formula : C4H8CaO5
    •    MW : 176.18g/mol
    •    MP : 155-165C, decomposes
    •    Solubility : 340-350g/L

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