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BioFlame Fire Gel

BioFlame Fire Gel

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Bio Flame Fire Gel is a clean-burning, smokeless, chafing fire gel in can. A 13oz can can provide at least 2 hours of continuous and clean burn time. The fire gel is ideal for firepots, fireplaces, and patio torches. Also available in a 6 can package at a discounted price. ***HAZMAT Shipping will be applied***

  • Tech Specs

    BioFlame Fire Gel has the following attributes:

    • formulated with renewable resources
    • clear, water-white gel
    • burns cleanly without an odor, soot, ashes, or smoke
    • produces a 7-9 inch red hot flame
    • will bring water to boiling within 5 minutes
    • no explosion risks
    • can be used to light up traditional solid fuels such as wood, coal, pellets, dung, etc.
  • Tags

    • Fire gel
    • Gel fuel
    • Easy to ignite
    • Chaffing fuel
    • Fire starter fluid
    • Camping fuel
    • Outdoor survival fuel
    • Clean fuel
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