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Ammonium formate

Ammonium formate

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Ammonium formate is a simple organic ammonium salt which is characteristically hygroscopic, colorless, crystalline, and water-soluble. It is safe to transport and store because it is solid under ambient conditions. Solid ammonium formate is considered a green, less toxic, and less corrosive alternative to formic acid and ammonia; it’s two precursors.

Ammonium formate has a melting point in the 112-118°C temperature range and can be used as a liquid at that temperature range. Scientists take advantage of the molten state and use ammonium formate as a specialty solvent for water-insoluble, heavy metal oxides such as zinc, tin, nickel, titanium, cadmium, chromium, lead, and copper. Also, since ammonium formate maintains its polarity in molten state, it is also useful as a conductive electrolyte. Beyond 118°C, ammonium formate decomposes to water, formamide, ammonia, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. However, the decomposition process can be engineered to selectively yield renewable fuels such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. Hydrogen also serves as a useful reducing agent which makes ammonium formate a versatile hydrogen donor for the catalytic hydrogen transfer reductions as well as reductive alkylation of amines. Ammonium formate is also useful in the chemical transformation of carbohydrate-rich biomass into deoxyfructosazines and fructosazines. Other important applications include formate buffers, ammonium formate LC mobile phase, electrolyte, extractive media, protein crystallization, precipitant, etc.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance: White hygroscopic solid

    Product ID: AMMFO

    CAS: 540-69-2

    Formula: CH5NO2

    MW: 63.06 g/mol

    MP: 112-118°C, decomposes.

    Purity: 98%+

    Solubility: 140-145g/100mL

  • Synonyms

    Azanium formate; ammonium salt of formic acid; formic acid ammonium salt

  • Tags

    organic salt; ionic liquid; ammonium salt; formate; formic acid; ammonium-based ionic liquid

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