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Aluminum tristearate, CAS 637-12-7

Aluminum tristearate, CAS 637-12-7

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Appearance: colorless wax-like powder

CAS: 637-12-7

Product ID: STEA133

Purity: 98%+

Formula: C54H105AlO6

MW: 877.39g/mol

MP: 101-106C

Solubility: soluble in mineral spirits and oils

HS Code: 291570

MDL: MFCD00036389


LD50 (rat, oral) > 4,000mg/kg

  • Synonyms

    Stearic acid, aluminum salt; aluminum trioctadecanoate; aluminum tristearate; octadecanoic acid, aluminum salt

  • Keywords

    metallic soap; aluminum salt of stearic acid; emulsifier; corrosion inhibitor; polishing agent; viscosity builder; paint drier; matting agent; waterproofing agent; anticaking aid; gelling agent; defoamer; retarder; lubricant; rocket fuel

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