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Aluminum formate, Al(HCOO)3, CAS 7360-53-4

Aluminum formate, Al(HCOO)3, CAS 7360-53-4

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Aluminum formate is a formic acid salt of aluminum with the chemical formula Al(HCOO)3. However, aluminum formate is known to form aluminum hydroxyformate [Al(OH)(HCOO)2], which is less soluble in water. Regardless, aluminum formate can substitute frequently used mineral acid salts such aluminum sulfate, aluminum chloride, or potassium aluminum sulfate as it is biodegradable, non-toxic, less corrosive, and is less prone to forming hard water like sulfates. Hence aluminum formate can be used in the treatment of spent industrial wastewaters. In its crystalline state, aluminum formate forms a porous network structure that scientists are utilizing to capture CO2. More commonly, aluminum formate can be used as a ceramics precursor as it decomposes at much lower temperatures allowing energy savings in the production of high-tech aluminates. Other established uses include:

·       Mordant for cellulose, rayon, wool, linen, bamboo, silk, and hemp fibers

·       Synthetic reagent

·       Flame retardant

·       Pigment ingredient

·       anti-sloughing agent

·       Precipitant

·       precursors to yttrium aluminum garnet

  • Tech Specs

    White crystalline powder

    • Product ID : FO133

    • Purity : 98%+

    • CAS : 7360-53-4

    • Molecular formula : C3H3AlO6

    • MW : 162.03g/mol

    • MP > 650C

    • Solubility : insoluble in water

  • Synonyms

    Aluminum formate
    Formic acid aluminum salt

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