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Rochelle salt (Potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate)

Rochelle salt (Potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate)

SKU: 100TART1314
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White crystalline powder
•    Product ID : TART1314
•    Purity : 99%
•    CAS : 6381-59-5
•    Molecular formula : C4H12KNaO10
•    MW : 282.23g/mol
•    MP : 70-80C
•    Solubility : 0.8-0.9kg/L


Rochelle salt is an odorless, colorless, white, crystalline, piezoelectric material extensively used in microphones, earpieces, cigarettes, displays, plasters, cement, sensors, and in dentistry. Rochelle salt is soluble in water and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
Examples of specific uses include:
•    Set accelerator in plasters and cement
•    Electroplating bath additive
•    Biuret reagent
•    Fehling’s solution reagent
•    Protein purification media ingredient

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