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100g Potassium bitartrate

100g Potassium bitartrate

SKU: 100BIT14

White granular powder
•    Product ID : 100BIT14
•    Purity : 99%
•    CAS : 868-14-4
•    Molecular formula : C4H5KO6
•    MW : 188.17g/mol
•    MP : 263-271C
•    Solubility : 5-6g/L


Potassium bitartrate (potassium hydrogen tartrate or commonly cream of tartar) is generally recognized as a safe compound. It crystallizes out of wine casks during fermentation. Today, cream of tartar is used for the ‘on-demand’ generation of carbon dioxide from its acid-base reaction with baking soda. When the two react, copious bubbles of carbon dioxide are swiftly released. The bubbling action can dislodge small blockages, a useful technique used to keep drains clear. The release of carbon dioxide also finds extensive applications in leavening of dough in baking, among many other applications.
Prominent applications include:
•    leavening agent
•    anticaking agent 
•    feed laxative 
•    cleanser for brass, copper, or aluminum 
•    synthetic reagent
•    pH regulator