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Ethyl butyrate

Ethyl butyrate

SKU: ETBU00100
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Ethyl butyrate is an ester of butyric acid and ethanol. Because of its sweet, fruity, pineapple smell, ethyl butyrate maybe incorporated in cherry, kiwi, bubblegum, peach, apricot, fig, banana, mango, plum, strawberry, apple, and/or guava scents in scented products such as soap, perfume, cleaner, detergent, etc. For industrial  applications, ethyl butyrate can be used as a specialty solvent or plasticizer.

  • Product Information

    • Product ID: ETBU 
    • Purity: 98%+ 
    • CAS: 105-54-4 
    • Formula: C6H12O2 
    • MW: 116.16g/mol 
    • Density: 0.84-0.92g/ml 
    • BP: 115-125C 
    • Flash point: 23-30C
    • Solubility: soluble in propylene glycol, paraffin oil, and/or kerosene
  • SDS

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