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100g Cobalt Propionate

100g Cobalt Propionate

SKU: 100PRO94
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Reddish-pink crystalline powder

  • Product ID : 100PRO94
  • CAS : 1560-69-6
  • Molecular formula : C6H10CoO4
  • MW : 205.07g/mol
  • Flash point : 54-60C

Cobalt propionate is a reddish crystalline powder. It is currently being considered a better source of cobalt than cobalt carbonate in animal feeds. Other applications include:

  • Paint and varnish dryer additive
  • Ceramics brightener
  • cobalt catalysts
  • cobalt ceramics precursor
  • synthetic reagent
  • adhesion promoter

These products is available in 100g & 500g quantities and email inquiries are acceptable for larger quantities.

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