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Sodium Levulinate – Versatile, Organic Antimicrobial & Preservative Agent

Sodium Levulinate, offered by BioFuran Materials, is a highly effective chemical compound widely utilized as an antimicrobial agent, skin-conditioning agent in cosmetics, and a preservative.

As a leading Manufacturer based in the United States, BioFuran Materials provides a top-notch product under the brand name BioFM.

Our Sodium Levulinate, identified as Product ID LE13, presents as an off-white granular powder with a CAS number of 19856-23-6. With a molecular formula of C5H7NaO3 and a molecular mass of 138.10g/mol, it exhibits high solubility in water.

Sodium Levulinate plays a crucial role in protecting products from the growth of microorganisms, ensuring the integrity of other ingredients remains unaffected.

Its versatility makes it a key component in various industries, offering reliable antimicrobial properties and serving as a preservative. With BioFuran Materials, you can trust in the quality and effectiveness of Sodium Levulinate for your diverse applications.

Enhance your product formulations with Sodium Levulinate, a multifunctional ingredient serving as an antimicrobial agent, skin-conditioning agent, and preservative. Its simple operation and compatibility make it an ideal choice for industries requiring effective protection against microorganism growth. Ensure the longevity and quality of your products by incorporating Sodium Levulinate into your formulations.

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