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Did you know? Carboxylate salt series: Sodium formate

Appearance: white irregular granules

CAS: 141-53-7

Purity: 99-100%

Product ID: FO13

Formula: CHNao2

MW: 68.01g/mol

MP: 348-352C, decomposes.

pH: 8-11 (10% aqueous solution)

Solubility: 972g/L in water

Synonyms: Formic acid, sodium salt (1:1); sodium formiate; sodium methanoate

HS Code: 291512

MDL: MFCD00013101

SMILES: C(=O)[O-].[Na+]


Sodium formate is the sodium salt of formic acid. It is a white crystalline, hygroscopic (or deliquescent) powder which does not have flammable or explosive properties. Sodium formate is soluble in water, glycerol, and lower alcohols. Sodium formate is much less hazardous and more user-friendly than formic acid. Yet it can be used as an intermediate in the production of high purity formic acid. Although sodium formate is a simple C1 carboxylate salt, it finds multiple applications across a diverse range of industries, including, but not limited to oil & gas, textile, printing, proteomics, aviation, and others.


Common Uses

  1. enzyme stabilizer in liquid detergents

  2. viscosity control agent

  3. brightness enhancing agent in the dyeing or printing fabrics and paper. Can be used as a sodium formate-solid acetate or sodium formate-urea blend.

  4. Solid runway or pavement deicing / anti-icing agent. It is less corrosive than table salt and offers faster ice melting.

  5. buffering agent for strong mineral acids

  6. silage and cosmetics preservative as a pH balancing agent.

  7. carboxylate ligand

  8. Reducing agent replacing gaseous hydrogen

  9. precursor for sodium hydrosulfite, a bleaching agent for pulp and paper, in the leather tanning process.

  10. Protein crystallization agent as a cryoprotectant for X-ray diffraction experiments on protein crystals.

  11. Electroplating additive

  12. Desulfurizing agent where it is used as an adsorbent for SO2 power generating plants.

Tags: sodium formate fluids; non-chloride deicer; buffer; hygroscopic; formate brine; sodium carboxylate; formate; de-icing chemicals

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